Cram School Free Plan

For cram schools, it is possible to print out and use PDF files of this site free of charge only if all of the following conditions are met.

Prerequisites for free use at cram schools

  1. Have your own domain website
  2. Attach a link to “” on the top page of the website or on a page that can be transitioned from the top page with one click (also at the bottom of the page)*1
  3. There is a link to your school’s official Twitter account on the top page of the website, and the official account follows the @sanganjp.

The PDF files that can be used are limited to those in ” “, and only “print and use at your school” or “print and distribute at your school” can be used for free.

If the above conditions are met, printing is “no application required”.

*1 HTML example of link pasting)
“<a href=”” calculation drill calculation request< /a>”>
“<a href=””arithmetic /<a>”>

Cases that can be used when conditions are met

○ Print it in the school and use it in class

○ Distribute printed materials by hand on the premises of your school (paid distribution is possible) (mail order is not possible)

○ Use in the class of the online lesson (students prepare printing equipment) (even if the conditions are not met)


Place a copy of the × PDF file on your homepage or blog

Sell copies of × PDF files to others

If you do not meet the requirements, please request a license.

If you do not meet the conditions of the free plan, such as “There is no website with your own domain”, “Policy not to post links to other services on the website”, “Policy not to follow on official Twitter account”, etc., please purchase a cram school license.

License Pattern (Go to detail page)
Use of cram school (6 months ~)
Group use of other facilities (in 12-month increments)