Commercial Use_Educational Business Usage Guide

Math Drill Guide

The data on this site and its printed materials can be used free of charge only for [self-use] and [family use].

An annual membership fee is required for distribution of files and printed materials to others (there is no annual fee for using SARTRAS).

Links from the introduction, homepage, and blog of this site are welcome. In that case, you do not need to contact us.

When using online lessons, there is no annual fee if the student prints it out himself/herself. If the instructor prints and distributes it, there is no annual membership fee.

Cases that can be used for free

○ Print it out and use it yourself

○ Print it out and let your children and grandchildren use it.

○ Introduce the homepage address of this site to acquaintances

○ Introduce this site in articles such as your homepage and blog (link)

○ Teachers who are subject to the SARTRAS User Guide (usage report obligation)

Cram schools eligible for the “Free Plan” (with conditions such as “link from the official website of your own domain”, link destination for details)

○ Online lesson (Student will prepare printing equipment)

〇 Introduction in video lessons

Cases where an annual fee is required

  • Cram schools distribute prints
    (Free of charge for online lessons printed directly by students)
    (Exceptionally free if it falls under the “free plan“)
  • Distribution of printouts at schools (free of charge for teachers defined in the SARTRAS User Guide)
  • Distribute prints at other facilities


… Since the advertising revenue of this site will be lost, the following usage is prohibited. The principle is that the end user of the print prints directly from the site.

Distribute prints by × volunteers

× distribute prints to friends, acquaintances, and third parties

Place a copy of the × PDF file on your homepage or blog

Sell copies of × PDF files to others

Commercial/Corporate Use and Usage Patterns

Pattern (to detail page)
Use of private tutors and short-term tutors (in 4-month increments)
1 faculty member / lecturer (many years use)
Use of cram school (6 months ~)
Group use of other facilities (in 12-month increments)
Use by SARTRAS eligible persons (free of charge)