Arithmetic for 3rd grade elementary school students (H29_2017 edition)

There is a list of various problems at the link.

Calculation problems created with random numbers are the main ones.

Math in the third grade

  1. Multiplication, worm eating, multiplication of zeros, etc.
  2. Time calculation
  3. Division, not much
  4. Writing more than 3 digits (addition and subtraction)
  5. Length (m and km)
  6. Division, too much
  7. More than 10,000 and large and small
  8. Writing of two-digit multiplication and multiplication
  9. Easy two-digit division
  10. Circles and spheres
  11. Decimals and large and small
  12. Weight (g and kg)
  13. fraction
  14. Multiplication writing
  15. Triangles, circles, angles