Worm-eating arithmetic problem collection

Worm-eating arithmetic problems

This is a collection of PDF calculation problems. Since there are a large amount, please specify the page number when printing.

There are a lot of arithmetic questions for elementary school students, such as insect-eating addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and writing (hicsan). Almost all issues are more than 100 pages that you can download for free.

Please use it to enhance your calculations.

虫食い筆算 PDF計算問題集です。大量にあるので印刷する際はページ番号を指定してください。

“Worm-eating arithmetic” is one of the arithmetic problems that complements some missing formulas. This problem can be created by addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, any formula.

To give a concrete example, for example, there is a problem like “〇 + 3 = 5”. Now, to complement the wormy part, we can see that the answer is 2 by subtracting 3 from 5.

There are also problems like “6 × 〇 = 36”. Here we can see that dividing 36 by 6 gives the answer 6.

In this way, “insect-eating arithmetic” is a problem to find the unknown part of the problem when the answer is known and part of the problem is unknown. By solving this problem, you can strengthen your basic math skills.